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Song Dynasty Ge Ware Creamy-Yellowish Glaze Tripodal Incense Burner

器身高为9。6厘米,口径为12。8 厘米,足径为7厘米,重量为522克。

The burner measures 9.6 cm in height, 12.8 cm in diameter, foot ring of 7 cm and 522 grams in weight.


The shape imitates an archaic bronze and is adorned with creamy-yellowish glaze.

Its unique glaze and surface appear in irregular Crackled formation. The size of each crackled is almost similar to one another. It fans out in diverse directions, usually known as “hundred-fragments”. The crackled pattern consists of brownish golden and iron grey colours. This is also known as golden-thread-iron-wire, a typical song Dynasty Ge-Kiln characteristics.

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