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Song Dynasty Ru Guanyao Azure Glaze Ice-Crackle Washer

器身高为3.4厘米,口径为147 厘米,足径为97厘米,重量为238克。

The washer measures 3.4 cm in height, 14.7 cm in diameter, foot ring of 9.7 cm and 238 grams in weight.


This washer is plain with no ornaments on the internal and external surface. There are three small sesame spurs marks on the bottom. The washer fully covered with azure glaze. The glaze on the washer does not appear homogenous. The colour around the mouth rim fades to light grey. The density of the centre part glaze varies. The crackled on the thick glaze reflects a cracking ice-like visual effect, which is also one of the characteristics of Ru-guan ware.

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