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东汉 - 纹面奇兽玉
Eastern Han Dynasty – Surface Beast Jade

正面 Front 

反面 Back  


This Eastern Han Dynasty – Beast Pattern Jade is carved from white jade of a graceful and lustrous quality, with transparent silvery-white marks on its upper and lower parts. It has a transparent and flawless body and overall silver-white color. It also has a circular disc shape with a 10cm thickness, 180cm diameter and weighs 394 grams.

高度Height – 10mm 直经Diameter – 180mm 重量Weight – 394gm 颜色Color – Silver white 银白


Seven exquisite beasts are embossed around the body of the jade, each with a unique design. They are present on the upper, lower, left, right, front and rear side of the beast pattern jade, with three bigger beasts on its front side. This ingenious design shows the largest beast (in the center of the front side) in a courageous position, commanding the group of beasts with pride. He is also guarded by the two beasts (on the top and bottom of the front side) with lifelike sculptures and they appear to be all charged up and ready to go. There are also three smaller beasts surrounding the jade (facing the front) with their heads raised ferociously. On the back side, there is one beast that lies around the jade, fiercely guarding its gate. From the design and layout of the beasts, the theme of the beast jade is speculated as “Guarding the Country”. Overall, it displays a beautiful and magnificent representation of the Han Dynasty.


According to the archaeological excavation of this one-of-a-kind cultural relic, this “Eastern Han Dynasty – Beast Pattern White Jade” is also a legacy of the Warring States Period. With beautiful beasts encircling each side of the jade (up, down, left right), its majestic and quaint design is also known as an ancient jade carving. It represents the highest level of jade carving technology in the Eastern Han Dynasty and is a cultural relic that is well-deserving of a national treasure level.


This cultural relic was produced during the Eastern Han Dynasty dating over 1,830 years ago. It is fabricated from white jade and Chinese archaeologists identified it as a top cultural relic worthy of being considered as a national treasure.

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