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清朝 – 百马图 郎世宁
Qing Dynasty – Hundred Horses Painting by Lang Shi Ning

郎世宁,原名朱塞佩·伽斯底里奥内(意大利语:Giuseppe Castiglione,1688年7月19日-1766年7月17日),意大利人,天主教耶稣会传教士及中国宫廷画家,写实画风纪录了清朝初期的中国宫廷人物与景色。

Lang Shi Ning, formerly known as Giuseppe Gasstirio (Italian: Giuseppe Castiglione, July 19, 1688 – July 17, 1766) of Italian descent was a Catholic Jesuit missionary and Chinese court painter. His realistic painting style documented the Chinese court figures and scenery in the early Qing Dynasty.

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