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清朝 - 普巴金刚撅(象神)
Qing Dynasty - Dorje Phurba (Elephant God)

公元(1636年 - 1912年) A.D. (1636 - 1912)

普巴金刚(梵语:Vajra-kila,威利:Dorje Phurba,音译多吉普巴),乃金刚萨埵的忿怒相(又称为嘎玛黑噜嘎),具五方佛智慧体性,为五轮中事业轮(密轮)的主尊,是密教中的金刚明王。普巴二字为藏语,其义为“橛”,为三棱前尖的利器,即其所执的降魔金刚杵。就“普巴”的字义上来说,“普”字有空性之意,“巴”字有智慧的意思。普巴二字就是空性和智慧的结合,也就是金刚萨埵(金刚持)之本性。修持普巴法,要断除一切自我的执念、贪念,消除内心的恐惧。如此,才能了解普巴法之谛,即就是:修法不在于降伏他物,而在于悟其心。

Pupa Vajra (Sanskrit: Vajra-kila, Wylie transliteration: Dorje Phurba), is the face of the wrath of Vajrasattva, with the wisdom of the Five Buddhas. The main deity of the five-wheeled career wheel (the secret wheel) is the Jing Gang Ming Wang in the Mi religion. The word “Puba” is Tibetan, and it is the sharp weapon at the front edge of the triangle, which is the magical vajra that it is holding. As far as the meaning of “Pu Ba” is concerned, the word “Pu” has the meaning of emptiness, and the word “Ba” has the meaning of wisdom. The word Puba is a combination of emptiness and wisdom, that is, the nature of Vajrasatt (Kimang). To practice the Pupa law, we must break away from all self-constraints, greed, and eliminate our inner fears. In this way, we can understand the true meaning of the Pupa law, that is, not to succumb to other things, but to enlighten one’s heart.

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宽度Width – 10.5mm长度Length – 54.5mm   重量Weight – 1.1Kg

颜色 Color – 青铜色 Light bronze

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