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清朝 - 犀牛角碗杯
Qing Dynasty - Rhinoceros Horn Bowl Cup

公元(1636年 - 1912年) A.D. (1636 - 1912)


The rhinoceros horn has been very precious in China since ancient times, and the rhinoceros carvings are prized as rare treasures, which are used by the royal family and the nobles to show off their wealth. They are often carved into wine cups, and are prized not only for their exquisite style, but also because rhinocero horns are viewed as a precious medicinal material, which heightens their value further. The material of this rhinoceros cup is dense, the patina is moist, the contour is smooth and soft, the decoration is quaint and to the point, and it has ancient charm, which makes it a rare work of art from the Qing Dynasty. The body of the cup contains carvings of a fish, lotus flower and crane pine trees, engraved with such magnificent, powerful, and exquisite artistry, that makes it a work worth collecting.

清朝 – 犀牛角碗(雕鱼荷花)
Qing Dynasty – Rhinoceros Horn Bowl Cup (Fish and Lotus Flower)

               [正面 Front]                             


高度Height – 5.2mm   外直径Outer Diameter – 3.4mm

内直径Inner Diameter – 5mm   重量Weight – 210gm     颜色 Color – 浅褐色 Light brown

清朝 – 犀牛角碗 (雕鹤松树)
Qing Dynasty – Rhinoceros Horn Bowl Cup (Crane and Pine Tree)

               [正面 Front]                             


高度Height – 5.2mm   外直径Outer Diameter – 3.2mm

内直径Inner Diameter – 5.3mm   重量Weigh – 182gm     颜色 Color –浅褐色 Light brown

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