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尼泊尔 - 青铜【普巴金刚橛】匕首
Nepal - Bronze Phurpa/Dagger

公元(1911年 - 2019年) A.D. (1911 - 2019)



This dagger is also known as the “Devil Slaying Dart”, which was used especially for eliminating foes in Tantric rituals.


This special Bronze Phurpa Dagger is estimated to be over 100 years old. It is made of copper and then gold-plated, all by hand. This treasure comes from the precious collections of Tibetan nomads. They fled to Nepal as refugees during the Tibetan Cultural Revolution and were placed in temples to support Rinpoche. After the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, it was sold to raise funds to rebuild the temple, which is how it came under the ownership of a Singaporean collector.

正面 Front

反面 Back


高度Height – 45.14mm   宽度Width – 16.68mm 长度Length – 223mm

重量Weigh – 490gm 颜色Color –金色Gold

青铜【普巴金刚橛】(参考图)Bronze Phurpa/Dagger(Reference Image)


The Phurpa Dagger was originally a weapon. It was later absorbed by Tibetan Buddhism as a religious instrument. It was made of various materials such as copper, silver, wood, and ivory. Their shapes are mostly similar, and there is always a pointed blade, but the handle is decorated differently according to its use. Some of the handles are Buddha heads; some are Guanyin Bodhisattva statues, wearing five skeletons and crowns, and the top has a horse head. It carries the meaning of anger and forcing into submission. During religious rites, it is set up in the four corners of the Mandala, to strengthen the parameters of the area where the rites are being performed so that it is impermeable, and all kinds of bad magic cannot cause harm.

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