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尼泊尔 - 铜铁【曼陀罗】佛陀坛城
Nepal - Iron Copper Buddha Mandala

公元(1960年 - 2019年) A.D. (1960 - 2019)




Mandala ( literally meaning a circle ) is a Tantric meditation device. It is a visual aid for concentration and introversive meditation leading to the attainment of insights and to activation of forces culminating in “Siddhi” supernatural forces. The Mandala is the graphic representation of this process. It is not only theoretical but practical as an operational scheme involving a clear plan for practical realization of the process within oneself. It thus becomes an instrument (Yantra). There are many types and varieties of Mandalas depending on the nature of the central deity. the most classic pattern of the Mandalas are of the Dhyani Buddha. The pattern appears in the oldest tantra, the Mandala representing the ” Palace of Purity”, a magical sphere cleansed of spiritual obstacles and impurities. The square of the “Sacred Palace” proper is enclosed in multiple circles of flames, Vajra, eight cemeteries (appearing only in wrathful deities ) a lotus followed by the inner square to reach the deity of the Mandala.

This particular Iron Buddha Mandala is carved on an Iron (the most difficult metal to carve on). The carving is very detailed and Intricate with Buddha sitting in between the other 4 Buddhas. It is also surrounded by Green Tara carvings. Furthermore the work is finished with Gold Plating and decorated with semi precious rubies and emeralds.

This precious Buddhist treasure was made in the ancient town of Patan in Nepal in the early 1960s. After it was activated by Rinpoche, it was placed by the believers in the temple. It was in the temple for more than half a century until the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. To rebuild the temple, it was sold to raise funds which was how it eventually came under the ownership of a Singaporean collector.

正面 Front

反面 Back


厚度Thickness – 50mm   外直径Outer Diameter – 400mm   内直径Inner Diameter – 205mm

重量Weight – 4.10kg 颜色Color – 铜黃色Copper Yellow

坛城(参考图)Mandala(Reference Image)

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