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尼泊尔 - 喜马拉雅水晶【绿度母】塔拉佛像
Nepal - Himalayan Crystal Green Tara

公元(2005年 - 2019年) A.D. (2005 - 2019)




This precious creation is made up of natural rock crystals from the Himalayas of Nepal. The crystals in the work were formed from Himalayan water over millions of years. The Himalayan waters are considered to be the purest water in the world, as is the formation of their crystals. Therefore, people believe that this crystal can purify the body and mind and enhance energy. There is no proper mining system in Nepal, so the crystallurgists from the Himalayas (above 4000 meters) must manually excavate and collect the natural rock crystals from the mountains. These crystals were then brought to the city area of Nepal, where we handed them to our best craftsmen, who carved them into different statues of Buddha and Buddhist sacred objects, as well as other sculptures and ceremonial objects.

In this natural rock crystal piece, an old veteran craftsman carved out the Green Mother Tara Goddess. [Green Tara] is considered to be the spiritual spouse of the Buddha. Her depiction is similar to the [White Tara] Tara Goddess. One can find that her only difference is that she has a semi-closed lotus or water lily on her left hand, and the long petals are usually blue. In the Lama tradition, Tara is the embodiment of all outstanding women. She is also a historical figure of Nepalese and Chinese princesses. They married the great king “Sherang Gambo” and introduced Buddhism to Tibet and China. She was worshipped because she brought all the good women.

This precious Buddhist relic was made in 2005 in an ancient town called Katangan in Kathmandu, Nepal. At the time, it was consecrated by Rinpoche and worshipped by believers in a temple until the earthquake in Nepal occurred in 2015. It was later sold in order to raise funds to rebuild the temple, which is how it eventually ended up in a Singaporean’s collection.

正面 Front

反面 Back

底面 Bottom

高度Height – 220mm   宽度Width – 84.35mm 长度Length – 182mm

重量Weigh – 2.6kg 颜色Color – 白色White

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