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清朝 - 翡翠比翼双飞蟋蟀
Qing Dynasty – Qian Long Emerald Twin Crickets

公元(1711年 - 1799年) A.D. (1711 - 1799)


China has a custom of keeping crickets as pets in small cages. The same is also true in Spain and Portugal. The “West Lake Old Man’s Prosperous Record” writes, “Promoting abundant weaving, the people are well taken care of, either caged with fine silver wire, or caged in a balcony…”. Male crickets like to battle, and when their wings rub together produces a sound. They are active mostly at night, prefer to be by themselves and usually occupies a nest by itself. Only when they are on heat do they invite a female cricket to share their nest. This cultural relic was produced during the Qian Long period, and is carved from the best quality jade. The image of the crickets resting on bambo not only signifies peace, prosperity and loyalty but also eternal love between a couple and passed on for generations. It is an exceptionally rare auspicious emerald jade relic.  

雄高度Height – 28.58mm   长度length –   宽度Width – 12.60mm

雌高度Height – 28.98mm   长度length –   宽度Width – 12.61mm

雄正面 Front


雄反面 Back


重量Weigh – 雄30gm 雌24gm   颜色 Color – 碧绿 Green


Made During Qian Long’s Reign

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