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印度 - 金刚菩提湿婆供品
India – Rudraksha of Lord Shiva Offering

公元(1419年 - 2019年) A.D. (1419 - 2019)



Such artifacts were used only among the nobles of the Imperial Palace during the 14th century in ancient India. They were considered quite precious and only became popular among the commoners after the 19th century. Rudraksha is the “tears of Shiva (or eyeballs)” in Hinduism. The name “Shiva” appeared during the Hindu era. His original form was generally considered to be the god of storm of the Vedic era. Shiva, also translated as “Siva”, also means benevolence, and symbolizes “prosperity” and “auspiciousness”, while also symbolizing “destruction.” Buddhist literature addressed him as Maheśvara, living at the top of ‘Form Realm’, and the ruler of the three realms. He is capable of eight incarnations namely earth, water, fire, wind, air, day, month, and sacrifice, and has the power to destroy and regenerate. It is often believed that Rudraksha has infinite energy and was already growing in the mountains of India, Indonesia and Nepal about 600 years ago.
This rare Rudraksha of Lord Shiva Offering originated from the “Shiva” altar in a South Indian temple in the 1950s. After that, the artifact changed hands among many Indian monks for half a century, and reached a Southeast Asian collector’s hands in the 1990s. It finally ended up in the ownership of a Singaporean Chinese who used it to worship Buddha.

正面 Front

反面 Back

左面 Left

底面 Bottom

右面 Right

高度Height – 11.41mm   长度length –   宽度Width – 4.58mm

重量Weight – 408gm   颜色 Color – 深褐Dark Brown

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