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清朝 - 百子图手卷宮庭画家冷枚
Qing Dynasty – Hundred Children Palace Scroll Painting By Leng Mei

公元(1669年 - 1742年) A.D. (1669 - 1742)




Leng Mei (1669-1742), Qing Dynasty court painter, word Ji Chen, the history of Jinmen painting, from Shandong Jiaozhou, disciple of Jiao Bingzhen. Skilled at painting human figures and border paintings, especially fine ladies. His characters are beautiful, elegant, clean and colorful. His style includes painting and writing and was also used to embellish household utensils. His strokes were extremely fine and vivid.

Hundred Children Scroll Painting

The entire painting are freely succinct, with bright colors and Western styles. The work depicts a hundred innocent children chasing each other between pavilions. Each child has a different facial expression none of which are the same, vivid and lifelike, and symbolises many descendants and blessings. The whole atmosphere is graceful and the composition is dense. The strokes are exquisite and precise, the color beautiful and delicate, and the texture is pronounced. The color is harmonious and bright, with obvious contrast. The painting is clearly influenced by Western painting techniques. It is a inspired by the typical court theme, and a masterpiece by painter Leng Mei.

正面二 Front 2

正面一 Front 1

正面四 Front 4

正面三 Front 3

横长度Length – 400mm     纵宽度Width – 79mm

重量Weigh – 520gm   底面颜色 Bottom Side Color – 黃橙 Light Orange

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