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清朝 - 乾隆龙钮青玉制诰宝印玺
Qing Dynasty – Qian Long Dragon Button Green Jade Royal Seal

公元(1636年 - 1912年) A.D. (1636 - 1912)


 The Dragon Button Green Jade Royal Seal is intricately carved from top grade He Tian green jade. Below the Dragon Button, the lower part of the seal is engraved with Han characters and painted in gold, while the underneath is engraved with Man Han Wen, Xi Wen Zhu Wen, Yu Jin Zhuan, Zuo Man Wen, You Han Wen, and this seal is considered one of the top twenty-five treasured Emperor’s seals of the Qing Dynasty. This royal seal was used by the emperor to confer an official title on his subjects of the 5th level or higher, and as such has exceptionally high collection value.

正面 Front

左侧面 Left Side

右侧面Right Side

上面 Top View

底面 Bottom

外盒Outer Box


重量Weight – 2699.9gm

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