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唐朝 - 瑞兽葡萄铜镜
Tang Dynasty – Beast & Grape Bronze Mirror

公元(618年 - 907年) A.D. (618 - 907)


The design style of the bronze mirror during the Tang Dynasty broke away from that of the Han Dynasty, creating numerous styles of flower mirrors, such as the sunflower mirror, diamond flower mirror, square shape mirror etc. In addition to the traditional beasts, birds, beasts, portraits, inscriptions and other decorative patterns, the pattern also adds the marine animal grape pattern that incorporates a western theme, and the polo pattern that reflects real life.

The ornamentation and overall layout of the bronze mirror during the Tang Dynasty also broke away from previous historic styles. Although the composition of the bronze mirror still follows a circular and symmetrical style, the layout is fresh and clear, smooth and gorgeous and free and lively. In particular, the high floating carving technique allows the mirror to appear energetic and full of life yet soft and natural.

正面 Front 

反面 Back  

厚度Thickness – 6mm   直径Diameter – 170mm

内面Inner plate – 120mm   重量Weigh – 0.72kg     颜色 Color – 黑铜色 Black Copper

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