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宋朝 - 青瓷官窑碗盘
Song Dynasty – Celadon Official Bowl And Plate

公元(960年 - 1279年) A.D. (960 - 1279)


Some natural mesh patterned cracks are seen on the glazed surface of the Celadon official bowl, which we coined ‘glazed surface openings’. This was the deliberate decoration by the maker of the Southern Song Dynasty Celadon Official Bowl in pursuit of unique aesthetic effect. When porcelain art was first founded, this effect was actually a technical defect, but the craftsmen of the Southern Song Dynasty creatively transformed it into a means of beautifying porcelain, which in turn brought out a rustic yet magical aesthetic point of interest . After the Song Dynasty, many literati came up with numerous wonderful names according to the different shapes of the glazed surface openings, such as caviar pattern, crab claw pattern, ice crack pattern and so on. In general, the beauty of the celadon of the Southern Song Dynasty not only reflects the aesthetics of the Southern Song Dynasty royal family, but also reflects the cultural and aesthetic thought processes of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Celadon Official Bowl (Thin Tyre Bowl)

               [正面 Front]                             


高度Height – 6.6mm   外直径Outer Diameter – 7.9mm

内直径Inter Diameter – 5mm   重量Weigh – 398gm     颜色 Color – 浅青色 Light Green

Celadon Official Plate (Thin Tyre Plate)

               [正面 Front]                             


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